Dream Reader – Blogging 101

The world is full of strange and wonderful things; although the world may just seem ordinary to you. We see color because of how wavelengths of light are reflected off of an object. Sea turtles always return to where they hatched to lay their eggs. The sun, an ordinary middle-aged star, gives life to a world that could have never been.

A world that is truly unique.

A world that gave life to Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Leonardo DiCaprio, me, and you.

There are so many people in this tiny world that it’s understandable to feel so small, and you know what? We are. We are all small, but that shouldn’t take away your importance.

There are times when you feel small, insignificant, and useless, but you should know that those feelings are normal.

But you? You aren’t normal.

You are unique.

Yes, there are more than 7 billion people living in this world, and you are bound to met people who are similar to you. BUT they cannot experience the same things you do or feel with the same intensity that you do, so let the world see how unique and amazing you are.

You are unique, even within yourself.

You are a star within yourself.

Don’t ever be afraid, and if you feel weak just remember that even the strongest flame flickers in the wind.

You are you; hold on to it.


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