Pumpkins? Yes, Pumpkins.

Ladies and gentlemen, with Labor Day upon us we are reminded that summer is slowly coming to an end. A hot, hot end. Today, in Chapel Hill, NC, it is a blistering 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.22 Celsius). The weather doesn’t realize that fall is beginning shortly. However, local stores and restaurants seem to realize it. I work at a grocery store. Two weeks ago, I saw my manager stack the shelves at the front of the store with Halloween themed candy. Target has pumpkins everywhere. Michaels has pumpkins everywhere. Starbucks brought back the Pumpkin Spice Latté earlier than scheduled. Pumpkin patches are sprouting up, and Pinterest is filled with recipes for pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin everything!

Now I enjoy pumpkins. I like carving them, and I like eating pumpkin flavored treats; however, I like fall for two very distinct reasons.

1.) The weather: it’s not too hot, it’s not too cold, and the wind has a bite to it that gives you this wonderful feeling of anticipation for darker nights and holidays.

2.) HALLOWEEN: Halloween is my favorite holiday. It’s better than Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Independence Day. To me, Halloween is so much more than a Pagan tradition; it’s a time for people to celebrate the weird and wonderful things that bring us joy. I don’t need to dress up, and I don’t need to get drunk. I am perfectly content celebrating with dinner and Tim Burton movies.

Halloween makes me happy, plus it marks the beginning of three months of holidays… And there are tons of pumpkins. ^.^

How do you feel about Halloween? What’s your favorite holiday? Why? Do you like pumpkins as much as big corporations believe you do? Answer below in the comments!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to be the weirdest most wonderful person you can be! 😀


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