Hiatus No More

Well… Where do I begin?

So many things have happened since I took my very long hiatus from blogging. I graduated from UNC with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have two job interviews, which means I may finally be able to leave my current job. Tim and I moved to a different apartment, and it is quite lovely. I’m going to be a god mother!

Let’s start from the beginning.


Graduation was stressful and a pain. My family came up from Charlotte, and it was a nightmare. On Saturday, May 10th, I participated in the first annual pinning ceremony for Carolina Firsts. I am a first child to graduate in my family, so that’s a pretty big deal. On Sunday, May 11th, I walked across the stage in UNC’s women’s basketball arena, Carmichael, and the hands of several people who I didn’t know existed. My family made comments about how proud they were, but that was only seldom. The majority of what they said to me dealt with my appearance. “Stand up straight!” “Get the hair out of your face!” “Suck in your stomach!” 

During the ceremony, my grandmother and Tim were talking about alcohol, beer in particular. Tim told me that my grandmother asked if beer was the alcohol that made you gain weight, and then she asked if I drank beer…

Let me first tell everyone that I. Hate. Beer. I don’t like the bitterness of it, I don’t like bloated feeling it gives me, and I don’t like the way the carbonation of it feels in my mouth and nose. Beer and me are not friends. So no, I don’t drink beer.

I digress. Tim and Charlotte were there for my graduation. The two most important people in my lives. That made that weekend better. I was happy that I had them to support me throughout school, and I was ecstatic that I had them at graduation, or I may have killed someone.

New Job:

So my friend, Chelsea, came up last weekend, and we were talking about how I posted my resume online, but nobody was contacting me. I also complained about how the place I work now is cutting back on hours, and I only got 12 hours this past week. I make 8.75 dollars an hour, and I have bills and rent to pay and groceries to buy. How can I live off of 105 dollars (not subtracting taxes) a week? I can’t!

Chelsea and I fixed my resume and posted it on careerbuilder,com. Within the hour, I had United States Health Advisors and Aflac contact me asking to set up interviews. I have a second interview with USHA on Monday and my first interview with Aflac on Monday as well. 

I’m anxious and excited all at the same time.

If anyone has any information or advice they’d be willing to give that would be fantastic!

New Apartment:

Tim and I moved into a nicer, bigger, and safer apartment complex in April. It is so nice. In the old apartment complex we had police officers and Fire Marshals patrolling all the time. Apparently where we used to live there was a lot of drug and gang activity. I’m so happy we don’t live there anymore.

God Mother Status:

My friend Chelsea, the one who helped me fix my resume, is pregnant with her first child! I am super excited for her. When she came up this past weekend, she told me that she wanted me to be the child’s god mother, and I was super excited. I’ve never been a god mother before, so I can’t wait!

That’s basically everything that has happened since I’ve been gone!

Hope you all have been fantastic!


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