This Is How We Grieve

Thought Catalog

First, find out. Find out while you’re at work or driving or talking to your neighbor—some compromising situation in which you can’t show the proper emotion in that moment. Fight tears and feign normalcy. It did not happen.

Refuse to believe. This is the denial part of the five stages, and you’re doing it right. It could not have happened. It did not happen. They were so young. Too good. No way did this happen. It must be a joke.

But it’s not a joke. So, cry. Cry a lot. Don’t cry cute, movie star tears. Cry huge, snotty nosed, red faced, chest heaving tears. Do not stop for anything. Because you owe this to them. You owe them your tears. So keep crying until you feel like a sponge squeezed dry. Then cry more, even though there’s nothing left to squeeze.

Cry in front of your family. They’ll all…

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