Day 17 – List Your Highs and Lows of this Past Year


  • Got into UNC
  • Turned 21
  • Didn’t fail out of UNC
  • Am still alive
  • Having food and clean water
  • Being able to have the ability to go to school
  • Being physically healthy


  • Struggling this semester, more than I have struggled in a long time
  • Aunt is in and out of the ICU, in Charlotte, so I can’t go see her
  • I’ve been given more and more hours at work, to the point where I have no time to study because I’m just so tired.
  • Crying most nights because I just can’t stop worrying or do anything about it.
  • I’ve hurt myself a couple of times, which is awful because I hadn’t hurt myself in a long time. 
  • Feeling like a failure because I don’t seem strong enough
  • Wondering if I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Depression

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