Day 15 – Write 15 Interesting Facts About Yourself

Um… Right… Well, I’m not incredibly interesting, so this should be boring.

  1. I can sing
  2. I taught myself to play the piano
  3. I can draw (sometimes)
  4. My body has a difficult time processing a lot of sugar
  5. My body also has really hard time processing meat, but I need protein, and I don’t get enough of it when I try to be a vegetarian.
  6. I’m allergic to sulfur
  7. I’m allergic to avocados, peaches, cashews, pecans, and Brazil nuts
  8. I play World of Warcraft
  9. I’ve already decided that my wedding will be influenced by The Lord of the Rings 
  10. My inner voice is named Hermione Granger
  11. I took theatre for seven years
  12. Reading and writing are some of my favorite things to do, but I usually only do them if I don’t want people to talk to me.
  13. I’m quiet, unless I’m really good friends with you.
  14. I hate that classes require participation to be apart of the course grade. It’s not that I don’t care about letting my thoughts be heard, but I’m self-conscious about my thoughts, and I really don’t like sharing them.
  15. I hate vomit and vomiting. If a movie has a vomiting scene in it, I don’t watch it. I haven’t seen Bridesmaids or Pitch Perfect because there are vomiting scenes. Also, if I feel a little nauseated at all I take pepto and drink ginger ale, just in case.

Whelp, there’s me! Like I said, I’m not interesting, but that’s okay.



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