Day 7 – What Were Your Favorite Childhood Toys?


I really liked my baseball bat and glove. I used to play catch with my dad all the time, and I would play baseball with the neighbor kids.

I also liked my soccer ball. I would just kick the ball in my back yard with myself.

I really loved my bike. I still have it, actually. I haven’t really grown since maybe the sixth grade, so I can still ride it. I would ride with my best friend all the time.

When I was really little, my younger sisters and I had Hot-Wheels, yes that’s right. We had a town that had a gas station and a fire and police station and a car wash. It was awesome.

When I was like three or four, I was given a Cinderella Barbie Doll for Christmas, she was my most prized possessions, but I think I may have lost her.

I also had Nala and Simba stuffed animals (when they were still cubs) and they had magnets in their noses, so when they were placed closed together, they kissed. I think I still have these stuffed animals somewhere.


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