Day 4- Discuss Your Views On Religion.

Right, I should preface this with I don’t want to offend anyone, I don’t mean to offend anyone, and if I do offend someone, I’m terribly sorry.

I was raised in a Roman Catholic household. My great-grandmother was a devout Catholic. As I got older, I really disliked Catholicism. I’m still not too fond of it. Maybe it’s just because my parents push it down my throat. I don’t really know. I just find most religions, not just Catholicism or Christianity, but ALL religions, to be conflicting with my view on the world. I’m for equal marriage, I agree with evolution, etc. 

However, I don’t care what people believe in. Everybody has a right to believe in Jesus or Xenu or giant unicorn. If it’s not hurting, oppressing, or discriminating against anyone, then have at it. However if a person uses religion to hurt people, discriminate against people, or you push it down my throat then I start to get really angry.

I also believe that if it comforts people, then let them be comforted. When upset or anxious or depressed or angry, some people turn to reading, meditating, yoga, exercising, or drinking, and some turn to religion. If religion influences people to do good, then I find it great and almost inspiring. 

I sometimes get jealous of people who have such a strong faith because I know that I have a hard time believing in any religion. My faith gets shaken a lot, and it makes me question all of my beliefs. I applaud people who can keep such a strong faith, just don’t use it to hurt people, hinder people, or push your beliefs on other people.


4 thoughts on “Day 4- Discuss Your Views On Religion.

  1. There is never an end to the questioning….never. I think the fact you are open to the universe means that you will find yourself torn at times one way or the other. I am pretty much in the same camp as you, absence-of-faith wise. But I like the respect you show….as also try to do….because none of us really knows how it all works or what it all means.

    • Thanks. The absence-of-faith I have is really hard at times because my family doesn’t like it, so I seem like an outsider, and I question everything, so I tend to annoy people.

      • Questioning is good….as one philosopher put it “questioning builds a way….questioning is the piety of thought” Or something like that…

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