Day 3- What Are Your Top Five Pet Peeves?

Okay, so tomorrow, well today actually (I mean it is 12:46 in the morning), I will be moving back up to school. I highly doubt I’ll be able to write anything tomorrow, so I’m just going to do my Day 3 challenge now instead of later. Here it is:

My Top 5 Pet Peeves

Number 5: Texting and Driving

So I’m sure this one is a popular one, but it drives me nuts. I have friends who do this, my younger sister even does it. I just don’t understand. You’re in an object that is designed to reach up to at least 120 mph if the fancy foot pedal on the floor is pressed hard enough. Not only does it move, it is also made of metal, and there is a giant tank filled with gasoline just hanging underneath the car. It’s not like there is anything to worry about, like damage to the car or to yourself or other people. You just go ahead and look at your phone. I was on the interstate one day, and I drove off of the ramp onto the interstate right behind an 18 wheeler. I moved into the center lane, and drove past him. As I looked up, I saw the driver of said 18 wheeler TEXTING ON THE INTERSTATE! JUST NO!

Now, I do play music on my phone when I drive. However, I start up Pandora before I even get into the car, I plug it into the jack, and keep it where I wont be tempted to reach it (like in that cubby right under the radio because my arms are too short that I couldn’t reach it if I tried). This being said, I don’t text people when I drive.

Number 4: #People #Who #Use #A #Ridiculous #Amount #Of #Hashtags #Because #They #Think #They #Will #Look #Awesome

How about a big fat NO? People do this everywhere, not just on Twitter! There is a person who I somewhat remember from high school who thinks that every single picture she posts on Facebook and Instagram belongs in twenty different categories. If it’s about food this person will put #food #foodporn #yum #yummy #sushi #asianfood #japanese #halfasian and so on. It got to the point that I just blocked her stuff from being shown on my feed. However, are all those hashtags really a necessity? I’m sure people could find your picture if they really wanted to. I understand one or two, but twenty? Really? I just… I can’t… 

Number 3: Costumers Who Come Up to the Deli Counter Thirty Minutes After Closing and Ask if We’re Closed.

Now, I work in a deli in a grocery store, and this happened today, actually it happens every day. Usually with the same people. The deli closes at 9 every night. Has been since the store opened. Nothing has changed, yet the same people come all the time after 9:00 and ask if we’re open. The answer is “I’m sorry ma’am/sir, but we close at 9. I’ll be sure to get it for you tomorrow.” The dishes are done, the slicers are clean, and the floor has been sprayed, everything is clean, we can’t slice meat for you. We have to get out at a certain time or we can get in trouble, but people still get angry and rude and always want to know “since when did you close at 9?” Since always! Just ARGH!

Number 2: Whistling

Oh whistling, you’re high, shrill, and you go right through me. I don’t care who does it, it makes me angry and I will turn into the Hulk just by hearing it. I don’t know why.

Number 1: Smacking, slurping, and any other gross noises that people make when eating.

My youngest sister suffer my wrath every time she eats cereal. The noises she makes when eating a spoonful of Frosted Flakes makes me, to paraphrase Sheldon Cooper, to rip my face off, tear it into shreds, and make Stephanie confetti with them. I don’t know why it drives me crazy but it does. 

There you have it!


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