Day 2- Where Would You Like To Be In Ten Years?


Ten years from now…

Lets see…

Well, I should hopefully have my doctorate in psychology. I would definitely like to be working in a private practice or in a psychiatric ward. Private practice would definitely be my first choice. 

I would like to see myself with a stable job, married (hopefully to Tim), and maybe have a kid or two. As of this moment, in the present, the idea of having children terrifies me. The whole birthing process itself freaks me out. Then I have to worry about raising a child and hoping I don’t scar them for life or make them feel like I failed them or be a bad parent to them. The idea that you are responsible for someone else’s well-being is so… I don’t know… Overwhelming.

However I do see myself having children in ten years, when I’m much more mature. 

I also dream of having a farm, so maybe that will happen.

In 10 years I will

  • Have my doctorate
  • Be working in my field of study
  • Be married
  • Maybe have a kid or two
  • Maybe live on a farm

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